Unlock your organization’s
full potential and drive transformative
growth with LYON & CO.

Our customized services and strategic solutions empower businesses to seize new opportunities, optimize core processes, and maximize resources for high-impact success.


• Provide safe space to share, process, and evaluate ideas.
• Provide outside perspective to identify best solutions.
• Assist with re-structuring, inspiring action, and sparking passion & excitement.
• Leadership Training


• Strategy, visioning, and allocating resources
• Fundraising strategy, stewardship, revenue generation
• Turn ideas into reality through brainstorming, mind mapping, and innovative thinking
• Plan reviews, updates, & implementation


• Event management
• Short term project management
• Extra hands, brain power, and shepherd to keep projects moving

LYON & CO offers strategic solutions to help businesses achieve their fullest potential. We have the expertise to identify areas where improvement is needed, locate possibilities for transformation, and facilitate the efficient use of resources for greater long-term impact and sustainability. Our goal is to create a stimulating and productive environment in which our clients can explore new ideas and discover the potential within themselves. By taking the time to get to know you, your mission, vision, and goals, we are able to craft a path to growth that meets the needs of the people who are part of it.

We understand that passion around an organization’s mission is key to sustained success over time. That’s why we strive to empower organizations by providing tools, strategies, and support that allow each team member to be fully engaged in their work.

Our tailored solutions revolve around People, Planning, and Projects. We help you set goals, identify and analyze risks and opportunities, and develop a plan of action to achieve your desired results. Whether you are seeking support for an isolated project or long-term planning, LYON & CO looks forward to complimenting your team and serving as a committed partner every step of the way.

LYON & CO is committed to:

  • Being good stewards of resources

  • Strong ethics, integrity, and transparency

  • Providing honest feedback

  • Seeking the best course of action based on our collective knowledge and experience.

  • A productive, mutually beneficial partnership

  • Being a source of positive energy and joy

About Barb Lyon:
For more than 28 years, Barb has served in positions of leadership and influence. Her greatest strengths include building teams, concepts, and projects from the ground up and breathing new energy into organizations that are ready for the next chapter. Barb has the experience to identify critical material, human, and financial resources to turn thoughts into reality.
Barb believes in the power of conversation and relationships. She creates environments for creativity, innovation, and bringing out the best in people. Barb holds the belief that, collectively, we can accomplish more than ever imagined.
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About the sunrise:
The sunrise represents a new day, a fresh start, hope, rejuvenation, and fuel for our souls. Let’s harness the energy from the sun to ignite our dreams, our passions, and our vision for the future.


  • Coaching, guiding, and leading teams
  • Visioning and strategy
  • Creative and Innovative Thinking
  • Identifying barriers, opportunities, and solutions
  • Planning-preparing for the future, reviewing current plans for usefulness, coordinating detailed tasks to meet established deadlines
  • Facilitation of small and large conversations
  • Event management
  • Story-telling and messaging
  • Building consensus
  • Servant Leadership
  • Building and maintaining strong networks
  • Managing tasks and people to drive positive outcomes

Drive transformative growth with LYON & CO

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Barb did a great job guiding our board through a retreat that helped us evaluate our current strategic plan and set goals for the future. She kept board members engaged throughout and many commented on her positive energy and passion for helping others.

I became the President of a small non-profit a year ago. Even though I am a seasoned fundraiser it has been difficult for me to create a fundraising plan that is feasible. Our non-profit contracted with Barb Lyon to assist us with this process. Barb was able to quickly understand our non-profit- its culture, history, audiences, and needs. Barb has a wealth of knowledge and ideas that she has been able to share with us. She has produced unique ideas for all levels of fundraising and stewardship that both fits our organization and our pocketbook. Barb is meticulous, patient, adaptive, creative, and thoughtful in her approaches. Barb has worked well with our Board of Directors and staff. We have had to change course mid-way because of extenuating circumstances within our organization and Barb put us right back on track. I have also utilized Lyon & Co. for staff and board management crises and have had very positive results. We have a fluid fundraising/stewardship plan and I highly recommend Lyon & Co.

I’ve watched for years, and with great respect, how Barb Lyon brings folks together in a collaborative fashion to navigate and solve complex issues and problems. Barb truly understands the value of connectedness and her communication skills, empathy and understanding helps “move the dial” within any team or community she works with. She is a person of integrity and authenticity that quickly makes her respected and relatable.

Barb is sunshine personified. Her servant heart and leadership style inspire passion and empower you to reach your full potential. She has taught me the importance of playing to my strengths and finding my "why" - helping me become a better writer, a stronger relationship-builder, and a more effective fundraiser. Truly one of a kind!